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Know us About Dilicia

Shri Dutt India Private Limited is well known in India for its Sugar trading and export and import of the same. The turnover of this Organization for the year 2015-16 is 2,259 crores. It is recognized among the world renowned organizations.

We believe in transparent business practices that benefit our suppliers and customers. Our strengths lie in our milk supply and distribution networks. Due to relative closeness of our milk farm suppliers, we are able to homogenize, pasteurize and perform bacteria clarification to enable our products to achieve the longest possible shelf life with the least possible gap between milking and processing.

The organization ‘Shri Dutt India’ has begun the huge dairy project of dealing with 1.5 lakhs litre capacity milk in Hamidwada under the Brand heading Dilicia. Purely Rich Milk and Milk products are manufactured from this project.

Always Quality

Ensuring the safety of dairy foods is a responsibility of the dairy industry, dairy farmers and dairy processors. We have established a rigorous and far-reaching food safety program that ensures that the milk and dairy products you and your family enjoy remain pure and wholesome. Our dairy pasteurizes and packages all fresh dairy products in technologically superior and hygienic conditions to ensure pure natural freshness. The freshness is always the same. Quality, quantity & hygiene are adhered at every stage. All the products are tested in the laboratory for the quality. The milk received from the farmers is kept fresh and kept chilled at 4 degree temperature and it remains all through during storage and transportation. All the milk procured are from organically feed farm, no chemicals nor other artificial feeds. Milk is procured from farm with less cattle as the quality of the same is high.

We believe Technology

The Company has created structured cold chain facilities from producer to consumer to ensure the freshness of the milk at all levels.

The organs of Milk are mean to be Color, Flavour and Taste, which is evaluated by sensory and trained RMRD Analysts. At the time of weighing process, 200 ml of milk is collecting from each agent for tests. FAT & SNF is determined using Electronic Milk Analysers.

We are Team

At Dilicia, our job is to provide quality dairy products to the consumer, this can be only accomplished with the team effort. Our highly qualified experienced team takes into account every single step of processing and ensures the quality and hygiene at every stage. Every team member emphasizes on hygienic condition of all processes from pasteurizing to packaging. Our team works with high technological processing units to deliver the best quality products.

First Farmers

Farmers play vital role in production process. They work really hard and ensure that cows and buffalos are healthy & comfortable so that they produce quality milk. To maintain quality of milk, we provide fodder for animals. We believe that it’s our responsibility to keep animals healthy so we provide regular vaccination and clinical support whenever needed. Knowing the value of farmer’s efforts and hard work, we provide immediate settlement for supplied milk.

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